About Us

Everyone who purchases Wood Buffalo Coffee can rest assured they are supporting local business and doing good in the world. We consciously purchase our green beans from collaborative coffee co-ops that believe in sustainable buying practises and provide financial assistance to villagers for innovation and sustainability. All our coffee is purchased from certified organic, OCIA, Fair Trade and ethically sourced coffee farmers in their country of origin. More info found here: https://coopcoffees.coop/coffee/

Wood Buffalo Coffee Company started in 2019 out of a need for a creative outlet and the love of a good cuppa coffee. The motivation came to create a business that was born out of how we want to spend the day. There is nothing better than the time you spend with friends and family over a cuppa coffee, good conversation and lousy advice.

Christine Pellegrin is the founder and owner of Wood Buffalo Coffee company. She has a passion for music, dancing, and paramedicine. She can usually be found listening to music on CD, especially the era after the '90s and before 2010, that no one has the right name for. Millennial? She loves all kinds of music and is a big fan of the donor-supported CKUA radio. She has worked as a firefighter and paramedic for over 14 years in the province of Alberta.

Christine and her proudly Canadian coffee company, call the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Northern Alberta home. She lives with her husband, two children and two fictional dogs named Ruffy and Scotland.


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