Edgar Von Ravensburd III answers all your coffee questions.

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December 18, 2019
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Edgar Von Ravensburd III answers all your coffee questions.

EVR the Third answers your most querying coffee questions.

Dear Edgar,

Why is my cream curdling in my Firehouse Blend? I used Soy milk and my husband used Whipping cream and they both curdled??? When I used my grocery store coffee it didn’t. What’s up?


Coffee in Calgary

Thank You for your question, CIC,

Freshly roasted coffee tends to be more acidic than store-bought coffee. The stuff you buy at the grocery store tends to sit on the shelf for a while. The acidity is what gives fresh coffee it’s “bright” flavour. It can also make your cream or milk appear “curdled” at times. Why doesn’t it happen every time? This “curdling” is most likely due to the ratio of acid to cream and the temperature of the coffee. To remedy the situation, you can add more cream (to favour the cream to acidity ratio) or wait till the coffee cools a little (to mitigate the temperature in the coffee equation.)

Hope this helps you stay caffeinated,

EVR the Third

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