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1 KG Wood Buffalo Coffee Airscape® Classic Canister

$50.50 - $99.99

1 KG Wood Buffalo Coffee Airscape® Classic Canister

 Get a 1 KG canister, fill it with coffee, and refill with coffee for the same great deal.

Bring your canister into the shop and get SAVINGS every time you refill. $39.99 for your first fill and EVERYTIME you bring in the canister to refill.

Size: Measures: 6.5″w x 8″ h
• Holds 2.2Lbs or 1 KG of whole bean coffee

• Brushed steel smooth matte painted exterior finish
• Hand wash recommended (especially for inner Airscape® lid)
• 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel body
• Rubber padded bottom
• BPA-free components
• Food safe



1 KG Wood Buffalo Coffee Airscape® Classic Canister.

Wood Buffalo Coffee Airscape® Classic Canister. Finally a BPA-Free, Stain Free 18/8 Steel, Air Tight, Food-Safe Canister to hold your precious Wood Buffalo Coffee Beans in. The original Airscape® stainless steel coffee and food storage canister with a patented lid actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect freshness and flavour. Gold logo Wood Buffalo on matte black finish.

Get a 1 KG canister filled with 2 Lbs of coffee for $39.99* plus canister

Bring your canister into the shop and get the same great price every time you refill. Add a perfect measure Coffee Scoop for $9.50 more. Designed to have heft, durability, and delightful balance while fitting perfectly inside of your Airscape® Measures out 2 Tbs. (30 mL) of ground coffee. Great for baking too. It’s the perfect scoop! Durably crafted with 18/8, restaurant-grade stainless steel.

If you know anything about Wood Buffalo Coffee, you know that we are PICKY when it comes to our merch and companies that somehow make this planet a better place.

Planetary Designs shares our passion for good coffee in the outdoors or where ever you find yourself. We will be ordering much more from them soon!

The original Airscape® coffee and food storage canister, only BIGGER! The Airscape® Kilo holds a full kilogram of coffee beans, or re-fill it with:

2.2lb coffee beans
5lb flour
5lb brown sugar
2.5lb granola
3lb oats
7.5lb popcorn kernels and so much more!

Airscape® technology features a patented plunger lid designed to fit snugly against the inside of the canister. As the Airscape® lid is pressed down, the oxygen is forced out through a two-way valve. Once the plunger is directly above the contents, flip the handle down to prevent further oxygen exchange & dramatically increase the shelf life of your stored goods. Choose any one of our coffees Sumatra | Peruvian Decaf | Nicaraguan | Firehouse | Wood Buffalo Strong | Ethiopian | Colombian | Espresso | Winter Buffalo Blend | Summer Buffalo Blend

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Add 908G Coffee Beans

No Thanks, Sumatra, Peruvian Decaf, Nicaraguan, Firehouse, Wood Buffalo Strong, Ethiopian, Colombian, Espresso, Winter Buffalo Blend, Summer Buffalo Blend

Add A Coffee Scoop

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