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April 29, 2021
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Men’s Crew Socks

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Socks: they’re just like us. They laugh, they cry and sometimes they sit on a stairway to nowhere, moping about how no one loves them.

Don’t just stand there, someone hand this sock a stiff cocktail! Men’s shoe size 7-12. 50% nylon; 47% combed cotton; 3% spandex.



Men’s Crew Socks By BlueQ. Everyone’s Mr. Perfect looks a little different. But EVERYONE’S Mr. Perfect can balance a glass of wine on his foot. Men’s shoe size 7-12. 52% combed cotton; 45% nylon; 3% spandex.

Trust us when we say, We are picky about what we wear on our feet.

We are also picky when it comes to the companies we support.

Blue Q has been an active supporter of Doctors Without Borders since 2013.

One percent of the sale of every Blue Q sock and kitchen product supports their programs, and the total donation amount so far has surpassed $1 million. It’s worth noting that Doctors Without Borders is neutral and impartial and currently receives less than two percent government funding internationally. Which means they can respond based on needs, not agendas. Individual donors make their work possible. We also respect the way Doctors Without Borders speaks out on behalf of the people they treat and act to expose injustice.

Doctors Without Borders is a group of badass international humanitarian aid workers who provide life-saving medical care to victims of war, disease, natural disaster, or conflict. Their founding principle is that all people deserve free, high-quality medical care regardless of nationality, religion, or creed. Of course, you’ve read about them and know they’re a dedicated and well-oiled machine. They understand the challenges of providing care in dangerous, chaotic, and remote places. They use this know-how to respond to emergencies around the world in ways few other organizations can.

Men’s Crew Socks By BlueQ. We also have women’s socks. Cause, remember that one time you told her to “just relax?” Well, it definitely helped her relax. She’s, like, SO relaxed right now. Like, couldn’t possibly be more relaxed. And it’s all thanks to you. You’re amazing. Buy her socks instead. Women’s shoe size 5-10. 58% combed cotton; 40% nylon; 2% spandex.


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Mr. Perfect, Reasonably Good guy, Butthead of the household, Stubborn, F I love my F-ing family, I almost died, President of the local gas company, BBQ socks, Classic Rock, Worst gift ever, Whiskey socks, Love who you love, Golf guy, F-off Im gaming, Grumpy old man, 7th Grader for life, Selective hearing specialist, Pretty decent boyfriend, Coolest guy on the conference call, Cool ass grandpa, Here comes cool Dad

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1 review for Men’s Crew Socks

  1. Amber

    I bought the “worst gift ever” socks for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved them. A good laugh and a great quality pair of socks!

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